Design & Construction Process

Laura Hands Design provides a full range of design services for projects that vary from small in scale to new and custom homes. This includes new construction, additions and renovations and expansions for residential and commercial projects. With every project, our design results in spaces that represent the routines and functional requirements while offering comfort and stimulation.

We can provide design drawings, approval applications for minor variances and change of permitted use, construction documents for building permits, and contract administration pertaining to residential and commercial construction.

The following five steps are a chronological example of a typical project with Laura Hands Design.

Step one: Programming/Deciding what to build
Together, the owner and the designer will establish the goals, timing and budget for the project. Our goal is to develop a design for your new living space that meets your needs, your budget and your sense of pride in ownership. A site plan and zoning information review will be required at this time to ensure the project is going ahead within all of the zoning requirements for the specific site.

Step Two: Schematic Design.
After a thorough review of the clients envisions of the future space and careful review of the proposed site a series of rough sketches are prepared to show the general layout and location of the building on the site. Should a minor variance be required a review of the zoning issues will be researched in entirety.

Step Three: Design Development
The design is carefully refined through detailed drawings to help illustrate the intention and determine the success of the design. Floor plans and elevations will be prepared to detail exact locations of windows and doors, the height & roof types, architectural style and major materials.

Step Four: Preparation of Construction
Once the design has been approved and the detailed design drawings are complete, the drawings are coordinated with our consultants. From there, the information that is required to satisfy the authorities and construct the building is complied into a concise construction package.

Working drawings is the stage that the instructional information and details are added to the drawings, this allows the contractor to build the project with ease. At this time the consultants such as a structural engineer, civil engineer, and landscape designers (if required), come together to coordinate their expertise within the project. Coordination will also be done to gather information for the building permit application like roof and floor joist layouts and mechanical heat loss calculation; addition fees may be required for these layouts and calculations.

The Building Permit is generally 2-3 weeks depending on the project. Once the application has been approved construction will begin.

Step Five: Construction Administration
Laura Hands Design will attend bi-weekly site meetings to assist the contractor with additional information and direction. Shop drawings from major sub trades such as windows, doors, and trusses will be reviewed to insure accuracy. Laura Hands Design will also assist in the finish material selections such as millwork, trim design, lighting, fixtures, flooring and even paint colors.

Within the final days of construction, Laura Hands Design will reassess the building with a final review to sign off on the finished project.